Job Title – Executive Director

Category: Administrative

Position hours: Part-time position with variating hours

Job Duties: The executive director shall have charge of the general office affairs of the society and all organizational work. Duties include but not limited to:

  1. Required to handle the day-to-day accounts receivable (dues, assessments, and all other receipts) derived from the activities of the society. Along with the responsibility to pay all bills approved by the president, board of directors, or duly authorized committee chairperson. And shall retain all paid bills, recording thereon the check number and date of the check issued in payment thereof.
  2. Maintain a suitable cash journal in accordance with accepted accounting principles.
  3. Create and report the balance sheet and profit/loss reports to the President as requested and disperse an itemized report of receipts and disbursements to the board of directors at each of its meetings. Along with presenting an annual report to the members at the Annual meeting.
  4. Maintain a complete record of the membership, sending notices of dues and assessments thereto. Making a report of membership to the president as requested, including dues delinquencies more than sixty (60) days and shall make similar reports to the executive committee at each of its meetings.
  5. Issue the Certificates of Membership and sign same with the president.
  6. Send out all notices required by the board of directors and supervise the publication of reports and bulletins. Along with the responsibility of maintaining/updating the website.
  7. Organize and lead the seminar duties:
    1. Recommending seminars to the board of directors for the next year.
    2. Negotiating contractual agreements with the seminar company and the conference venue. Along with ordering all materials needed for the seminar.
    3. Handling all seminar registration and payments via PayPal, Mail, over the phone or online.
    4. Being the liaison for the venue, seminar organization, building location and attendees.
    5. Ensure that the CPE’s are verified and sent to the IRS for training purposes.



CPA, RTRP, Enrolled Agent or AFSP
Must have an accounting background and prefer event coordination experience

Pay rate: To be determined depending on experience

How to apply:
Download Application
Send to Attn: Hiring Committee

Deadline: 1-15-2021

EOE Disclaimer This is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to excellence through diversity.